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RvB Season 12: Episode 11 TONIGHT!

HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, RvB Season 12, Episode 11 is coming at you tonight, and it’s a doozy. See you at 5 PM CT for sponsors, or 7 PM CT for public!

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You can now get both Gavin and Gus in “Age of Booty: Tactics” by Certain Affinity! There’s more RT Captains to come- any guesses? 

Seriously, if you haven’t watched RvB Season 12, Episode 10, you need to change that. NOW. 

Thanks to our awesome exhibitors and sponsors, we’ve expanded our show floor and opened up more passes to RTX 2014! 

Watch a preview for the episode of Insane Coaster Wars, featuring some Rooster Teeth folk! Episode premieres on the Travel Channel on June 29th.

Sponsors can watch NOW! Not a sponsor? You can check it out at 7 PM CT. 

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Rooster Teeth is making a movie!

… and we need your help! You guys have supported us since day one, and we wouldn’t be here without you. It’s always been a huge dream for us to be able to make a feature-length film, and our chance is here!

Help support us by checking out our campaign, and by spreading the word! 

We love you guys! Wish us luck!

Ruby, Weiss, and Blake are all available in the RT Store! The team is almost complete.